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          Main Products

          A nationwide network of sales, technical support and after-sales services has been established to offer best services to our customers.

          Reason to Choose Jinao?

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            Square Meters Built
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            Enterprise Employees
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            R & D Team
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            Years Experience

          ABOUT US

          Shandong Jinao Machinery Co., Ltd Since 2002

          SHANDONG JIN‘AO MACHINERY CO., LTD. (Hereinafter referred to as Jin'ao) is a professional business integrating product design, development, production, marketing and service into a whole. Jin'ao covers an area of over 130,000 m2, has 120 million yuan of fixed assets and employs more than 700 employees, including 100 professional technicians and over 40 senior technicians.

          • 20+ Years Experience
          • High Quality Products
          • Professional Team
          • Competitive Price
          • 24 Hours Online Response

          Company CERTIFICATE

          We take "Create Famous Brand, Lead the Industry" as the goal of our company
          Contact Us

          Welcome to leave a message

          Looking forward to cooperating with you

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